Do you need to know who many scenes should be in a chapter? Or perhaps how to group scenes in a chapter?

Book Structure
  1. Definition of a draft novel
  2. Target word count for genres
  3. What a scene is
  4. How to structure scenes
  5. What a chapter is
  6. How to structure chapters
  7. Common issues
  8. How is technology impacting structure
  9. Tips to format like a professional

For professional fiction editors

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Connect readers with your characters by describing characters in a way that keeps the reader engaged.

1 Character Motion

A character is interesting if they do something interesting.

Like an author, an editor must work hard to find their editor’s voice.

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Changing Your Editor’s Voice

A talented author will change voice for different styles of…

A compelling character arc is the emotional journey your character takes throughout your story that engages your reader.

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A blurb is a promise to the readers

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What is a blurb?

Think of a blurb as the copy that goes on the back of the published book. This tells the reader what the story is about.

Why does a Story Editor needs blurb?

An editor must understand the writer’s intent for the story. The blurb will show the intent to the editor. This information is a must if…

One more step to ensure readers love your story.

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A fiction editor has many responsibilities. One of them is to give a writer the editor’s view of character names.

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Why is the Story Arc Important?

Also known as a narrative arc, the story arc has been around for centuries. Want proof? Check out The Story Arc: A Look Back in History.


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