Take Your Story up Several Levels by Editor Jodie Renner

Published by Cobalt Books

Take Your Story up Several Levels with These Questions for You — and Your Beta Readers

  1. Did the story pique your interest from the very beginning? If not, why not?
  2. Did you realize very early on whose story it is (who you’re supposed to be identifying with as the protagonist) and where and when it’s taking place? If not, why not?
  3. Can you relate to the main character? Do you feel her/his pain, worry, or excitement?
  4. Does the setting interest you, and do the descriptions seem vivid and real to you?
  5. Are there points at which your attention lags, where you feel less than eager to find out what’s going to happen next? Which chapters, scenes, pages?
  6. Are there any parts or details that confuse you? Or even frustrate or annoy you? Which parts, and why?
  7. Do you notice any discrepancies or inconsistencies in time sequences, places, character details, motivation or personalities, or other details?
  8. Are the characters believable? Are there any characters you think could be made more interesting, likable, or threatening?
  9. Are you at times confused about who’s who in the characters? Are there too many characters to keep track of? Too few? Are any of the names or characters too similar?
  10. Is the dialogue ho-hum, even boring in parts? Does it need more tension, attitude, and zing? Do the speakers’ words sound natural, not stilted or overly correct?
  11. Does each character have their own distinct voice? If not, whose dialogue do you think sounds artificial or not like that person would speak?
  12. Is there too much description or exposition? Not enough? Maybe too much dialogue in parts?
  13. Is there enough conflict, tension, and intrigue throughout to keep your interest?
  14. Is the ending satisfying? Both unexpected and believable?
  15. Did you notice any obvious grammatical, spelling, punctuation or capitalization errors? Maybe give a few examples.
  16. Is the writing too wordy in places, needing tightening up? Are there needless repetitions?
  17. Do you think the writing style suits the genre? If not, why not?

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Creative editing software for Fiction writers and editors. Transform your story, not just your words. https://fictionary.co

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